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Realsoft presents the Electronic Census System for the General Authority for Statistics - Saudi Arabia

In the presence of his Excellency Dr. Fahd Bin Salman Altekhaifi and the management team supervising the preparations for KSA census in 2020, Realsoft Advanced Applications presented an integrated Census system for the General Authority for Statistics (GAS).

Mr. Jaffar Mansour, the managing director of Realsoft, gave a comprehensive presentation on the statistical and administrative systems that have been provided by the  company in the census projects of Jordan and Sharjah in 2015, from the early stages of data collection using the internet and tablet devices through the data quality systems and call centers up to the data dissemination and analysis systems as well as the mapping and census management. In which, these systems constitute an integrated and comprehensive overall solution to automate the census process, and ensure both the insertion and provision of data for further revisions as well as following-up with the achievement indicators and data quality.

The presentation that took more than two hours, included a characterization for the census process through its different stages and the regulations appropriate in each stage. The used system involves three census stages (phases); starting from the “Area Demarcation” stage where the areas to be included in census are defined and reviewed through the system capabilities of drawing, reviewing and providing a back-office approval for the areas marked. Jordan included this stage in their latest census for the first time. 

In the second stage of Census; the “Listing” stage, the system was used to list the houses, facilities and agricultural holdings that will be included within the actual enumeration. In this stage an integrated set of systems was used. In addition to the system used for the actual enumeration, a call center, indicators and operation rooms and field management systems were employed.

In the “Enumeration” stage which is the last stage of census, the data collection of statistical information is achieved through tablets and online systems. Where also a call center, field management and tracking system, operation rooms and performance indicators are also used.

After which, an outputs and analysis system, is employed and continues to be used until after the end of the census.

In conclusion, his excellency Dr. Fahd Bin Salman complimented the applications offered by the company, assuring that the interest beyond starting these programs and initiatives is seeking to expand its use of information and computing technologies in the upcoming projects including the upcoming census in 2020 and it was agreed upon which to hold a series of seminars to address a number of technical issues and that was in the day that followed.

In the next day, Mr. Mahmoud Mutawe, the Director of Realsoft in the Sultanate of Oman branch, with the technical team of interest, completed discussing a number of aspects. One of the most important aspects was the employment of administrative registers and databases for statistics and censuses, he also reviewed the company's experiences in taking advantage of the administrative registers and databases in the planning for censuses and comparing the results of a census with the data in records as in Oman census in 2003 and 2010, Abu Dhabi census in 2010, Sharjah census in 2015 and Qatar census in 2014, where he clarified the steps that have been taken by the countries to reach a comprehensive census based on the administrative records.

Mr. Mahmoud also pointed out the technical study conducted by Realsoft with the General Authority for Civil Information in Kuwait to assess the efficiency of administrative registers and databases in the fulfillment of the census requirements, he also reviewed the experience of Oman census in 2010, where they applied a system to achieve the highest coverage and completion rates as well as a High-quality content through the employment of a number of techniques that depend on digital maps, aerial photographs and the Global Positioning System (GPS), In addition to the use of validation rules, the accuracy and comprehensiveness indicators and the administrative registers and databases, where the quality control center played an important role in the completion, correction and validation of data as well as following-up with any special cases.

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