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Realsoft participates in the project of planting one million trees in Jordan and Palestine

Realsoft Advanced Applications Company surpasses a new level of achievements. Away from the technical side and more into the human side, Realsoft participated in the community activity of planting one million tress in Jordan and Palestine as a gesture of supporting the steadfastness and brotherhood between Palestine and Jordan.  A participation that reinforces the company’s role in supporting the Palestinians’ steadfastness and adherence to their homeland and following prophet Muhammed’s, may Allah

 bless him and grant him peace, teachings when he said:

 "If the Final Hour comes while you have a palm-cutting in your hands and it is possible to plant it before the Hour comes, you should plant it."

As a contribution of Realsoft to support The Arab Group For The Protection of Nature (APN), a nonprofit organization concerned with the protection of the environment and the natural resources in Arab countries against all hazards including the destructive impacts of wars and foreign occupations, Realsoft emphasized that its role is not limited to planting trees only, but also extends to become more inclusive in the support for the Arab and Islamic nations to become more dependent on its resources as well as supporting their steadfastness and adherence to their homelands.

APN hosted the Palestinian peasant activist Abdel-Rahman Qassem, who struggled for more than thirty-one years, rejecting all the temptations offered to him to give up his land in Palestine, where he rejected the 28 million offered to him by the US and also rejected the temptations of the American mediator to give him and his family American passports in exchange for his land. His persistence lead to judicial decision to restore his confiscated land, which lies in the settlement of "Beit Eil" in the east of Ramallah and to demolish the colonial buildings that has been established on it.

 APN appreciation of Realsoft

Mr. Ammar Sajdi, the general manager of RealSoft, received on behalf of the company’s employees a letter of appreciation and gratitude from Mrs. Razan Zuaiter the president of APN. Mrs. Zuaiter expressed her thanks and gratitude for the noble support provided by the company to the farmers in Palestine, pointing out the importance of this contribution to the APN projects in the Arab world.

You are invited to explore the world of Realsoft, and see for yourself how we make business sense through every single partnership and achievement we add to our legacy.

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