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RealSoft signs an agreement to create a database and statistical analysis platform with the Ministry of Tourism in Oman

RealSoft Advanced Applications signed an agreement with the Ministry of Tourism in Oman to develop and build a smart and electronic analytical system to store, manage and analyze data for the tourism sector in the Sultanate of Oman.

The agreement aims to take advantage of the massive amount of data collected and administered by the Ministry of Tourism in Oman, through collecting data from its various sources and provide a meaningful standardized format for these data to be easily accessible by users and producers of statistical data.

The project will be implemented in two phases; The first phase includes the collection and tabulation of data from various sources to store them in a centralized statistical database that will be developed later by the company where the ready data from the ministry will be used to create the database.

In addition, the company will provide analytical platform for statistical data and indicators, which has a set of self-service services that enables the Ministry's staff and producers of statistical data, more particularly decision-makers and researchers from preparing, classifying and configuring reports and data as well as calculating the various indicators using a built-in mechanism without the need for an IT staff.

The second phase of the project includes conducting a study to link the tourism statistical database directly with the data providers, in order to create a data warehouse for historical or real-time data.

The agreement came after the company has submitted the proposed solution to the ministry, where the company was selected for its reputation and extensive experience in statistical projects, BI smart analysis systems, and tourism projects. RealSoft carried out dozens of statistical projects in the region, and Arabian Gulf, such as; the tourism classification survey solution and the Arrivals and Departures survey solution, and other related projects that were successfully implemented in Oman; which helped out-show the company’s readiness and ability to shorten the time and promote the accuracy of the statistical product outputs.

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