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REALSOFT possesses a dedicated team of consultants with considerable experience in business and technical operations. REASOFT consultation services cover number of sectors in Jordan and the region, and varied to include lot of business domains like statistics, banking, telecom and others. Trust that with the in-depth understanding of business process and technology along with hands-on experience gained through working on critical issues in key industries of the IT marketplace, REALSOFT will provide you a consultancy service and support up to your expectation and beyond. REALSOFT consultants minimize the risks and get the best out of a new project before turning it to a bespoke solution. The consultants work with stakeholders together to identify and document the requirements and help to evaluate and prioritize conflicting needs. In addition consultants provide review of IT infrastructure strategy and help to develop infrastructure strategies.


Our experts are passionate about their work and committed to excellence, not just in their outputs but in their engagement with clients. They pride themselves working with clients to transfer their expertise as well as ensuring their solutions meet the clients' needs.

With a wide client base of customers from different countries, REALSOFT can boast an in-depth knowledge of the latest developments in data warehousing, Business intelligence, databases and application development and understanding of the wider context in which we work.

REALSOFT outsourcing solutions allow companies to retain control over the project management while benefiting from reduced risks without compromising service delivery to end users. With REALSOFT IT outsourcing solutions, companies can focus on their competencies instead of their IT infrastructure.
Our approach is based on:
  • Gather, study, and document the clients’ business requirements and needs.
  • Processing and analysing the requirements based on our deep technological expertise.
  • Collaborating with clients through every aspect of our offerings.
Our outsourcing services include:
  • BI & DW
  • IT Consulting Services
  • Requirement study
  • Statistics.
  • ETL
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Technology Solutions
  • Software Consulting
  • Software Programming
  • Deloitte (KSA)
  • Zain (Jordan)
  • Zain (Bahrain)
  • SIS (Bahrain)
  • NGO (Bahrain)

Custom Made Applications

Through using highly advanced technologies in IT solutions, REALSOFT focus on the building of custom made applications that is designed to meet the clients’ requirements and needs and precisely address. REALSOFT will develop and release a custom made application tailored exactly to serve your specific needs as we are the most flexible and willing to work on your contracting business. At the beginning we carefully analyze the needs of the client so that we will be able to commend the optimal solution according to deadlines, assets and function requirement implementation.

REALSOFT has provided several solutions for governmental agencies and businesses (Non-Governmental).

Integration Services

As a result of REALSOFT Wide exposure to numerous projects, it gained a solid experience in integrating Oracle environment with others platforms
  • Seamless integration with MQSeries
  • Transparent Reading and Generating XML directly from and to Oracle Database
  • Transparent Oracle Database integration with Mail Servers
  • Transparent Database integration with TCP services.
  • Publish and Consume Web Services
  • Exposing Flat files, Excel sheets and other ODBC compliant data sources to ORACLE SQL using Heterogeneous Services
  • Oracle Integration with IBM DB400 through DRDA

End-To-End Paperless and Mobile Survey and Census Solution

RealSoft pioneers this niche market regionally and internationally. It was the first company ever to deliver paperless census solution based on Personal Digital Assistants (PDA). RealSoft offers its expertise to its clients by providing consultation and professional services in the domain.

  • Tablet Computer based survey solutions.
  • Online GPRS based online synchronization with back office database and systems.
  • Offline data capturing in case GPRS is not available.
  • Designing and building backend databases with auditing and monitoring reports.
  • Online data validation.
  • Integrating with data warehouses and BI solution .
  • RealSoft was the first provider of Surveys and Inspections systems, violations and licensing systems for mobile field work in the Middle East, and for the Arabization of handheld devices to many companies including (HTC, HP, O2, Imate).
  • RealSoft leads the development and application of systems that operate through mobile devices (Handheld and Tablet PC) in the region.

You are invited to explore the world of Realsoft, and see for yourself how we make business sense through every single partnership and achievement we add to our legacy.

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