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Consumer Price Index

Consumer Price Index CPI

Consumer Price Index (CPI) Package provides integrated solutions that measures changes in the price level of consumer goods and services purchased by households as well as the residence rent index. It tackles all issues related to the statistical estimate through automating all processes from collecting the prices of a sample of representative items, managing field work through the synergy of mobile technology, GPS and GIS, and including the data into a monitoring tool of computed indexes for data analysis.
The solution provides the complete backbone for CPI calculation, as it offers flexible and smooth process definition of CPI basic components, tasks, and processes for data correction and completion, in addition to producing the most comprehensive and structured set of reports.

CPI Solution

CPI solution consists of a basket of goods and services that represent purchases made by households. It allows defining unlimited number of groups, subgroups, and classes based on the client needs. Moreover, it supports reporting the CPI in different period (monthly, quarter, or yearly) down to the class level.

Ultimately also, the solution offers a convenient mode of definitions for researchers, outlets, and areas where together fully tasks are assigned and sent smoothly to Researchers/Price collectors.

By combining leading-edge technologies with Realsoft deep understanding of surveyor’s workflows, data integration, and maintenance across the life cycle of the field work, the tasks are professionally sent to the researcher’s /price collectors PDAs so that they start collecting the product prices according to the assigned collecting areas, and outlets.
The data transition processes from/to the CPI desktop application and the PDA application were perfectly designed and tested to ensure no data duplications or loss during the Transition process.
As part of the system coverage, the solution provides extensive methodologies to complete and correct the collected prices using audited mathematical equations based on pervious average prices of commodities/services and average prices of similar commodities/services in different outlets.
Besides, the solution provides a complete cycle to collect and calculate the CPI for Rent of primary residence (rent) and Owners' equivalent rent of primary residence (rental equivalence).
As a result of the CPI system coverage, it has been adopted by the statistical departments of Jordan, Oman, KSA, Libya, and Iraq.

CPI Package Component

Desktop application

The application is dynamic enough to fit the unique needs of each country, yet secure and well defined to guarantee fault-free processes that lead up to accurate index calculation and output dissemination. The desktop application provides:

  • Easy field management
  • CPI calculation on monthly, quarterly, yearly and time series bases
  • Data processing functionality include review and correction
  • Handling special cases regarding changes in commodities
  • Multiple market basket preparation
  • Full integration with household Income and Expenditure Survey for market basket preparation
  • Full support for rented and owned unites index
  • Extensive reporting and BI functionalities for validation, reviewing, and output.

Mobile Application

The mobile based application used by field surveyors for data collection. Such approach eliminates the need for paper survey. The application provides:

  • Digital maps for field navigation and fencing in their assigned areas
  • Electronic validation rules and customizable margins for acceptable price changes to ensure Quality during data collection
  • Electronic data Synchronization through GPRS/ Wi-Fi/ Serial cable.

System Features

  • Offer innovative ways to gather and process data electronically.
  • Using of Personal Tablets devices in the collection stage.
  • Enjoyed the highest quality with respect to the information collected.
  • Semi-timely data saving into the database.
  • Completely Paperless solution.
  • Field control through timely review of data, and online tracking the surveyors.
  • Offer perfect data transmission process between the back and front end applications were no data duplication or missing is found.
  • Allow users to freely select and update their sampling lots.
  • Allow defining unlimited numbers of groups, subgroups, classes, researchers, outlets...etc.
  • Can be customized to meet the requirements of the clients in all stages.
  • Attached with flexible and extensive reporting tool to follow performance and review outputs.
  • The entire data collected can be reviewed and corrected.
  • Automatically calculating of Index.

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