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REALSOFT offers a wide range of software professional services and solutions to serve inspection processes, these solutions vary between specialist systems for tourism, labor, buildings, food safety, and violations inspection software. An integration that involves a variety of services all together to serve the purpose in the best way possible in terms of both process efficiency and results.
RFEALSOFT inspection solutions are customizable solutions where it can accommodate customer's particular preferences and expectations. These solutions are compromised between a desktop application that is used to best maintain standards and regulations, schedule and plan field inspection, and review their outcome and a mobile application utilized by field inspectors during field visits.

Inspections Projects


Tourism Inspection Solution

In 2006, REALSOFT has developed a tourism inspection solution that was successfully implemented in Oman, a first experience that lead to a chain of successful inspection solutions and represented a milestone in the company’s history. The tourism inspection solution fastened the process of classifying and rating tourism establishments according to Oman quality standards and make it more accurate. The solution was flexible and wide so it covers the Food services, entertainment, view, room variations such as size and additional amenities, location and all what considered in rating the tourism establishments.


Field Control and Violation Inspection Solution

In 2009, REALSOFT successfully implemented a field control and violation inspection solution in a number of KSA municipalities . The solution covers both the architecture/engineering perspectives and the health and safety ones.


Labor Inspections

Later in 2011, REALSOFT has completed a successful labor inspection in Qatar. The solution covered all the fields related to labor rights and rules to check and examine how national labor standards are applied in the workplace. Since then REALSOFT, has provided inspection solutions for tourism, labor, health, food safety, and fishing violation inspection projects for a number of Arab countries. Such solutions provide filed navigation and routing capabilities through the GPS technology, synchronization of collected data in work filed through 3G networks, and track and follow up with the process.

Desktop Application Services

Define different inspection types to target different establishments and organizations.
Schedule field inspection visits for inspectors.
Extensive list of reports for statistical and follow up purposes.

Mobile Application Services

Guide inspectors through their work plan through a list of assigned tasks.
Ensure data completeness and consistency.
Embedded image capturing and printing functionalities.
Data synchronization using cable/Wi-Fi/3G/GPRS.
GIS module integrated within all inspection, classification, Licensing, and violation mobile applications.


  • Ministry of Justice - Jordan
    Project: Writ Service and Notice System - 2014
  • Ministry of Labor - Qatar
    Project: GIS Inspection System - 2013
    Project: Health & Safety Mobile Inspection - 2013
    Project: Labor Inspections Phase 2 - 2013
    Project: Labor Inspections Phase 1 - 2011
  • Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities - Jordan
    Project: Tourism Establishments Classification System - 2009
  • Eastern Province Municipality - KSA
    Project: Automated Field Inspections & Violations - 2009
  • Great Amman Municipality - Jordan
    Project: Parking Violation System - 2008
  • Ministry of Tourism - Oman
    Project: Tourism Establishments Classification System - 2006
  • Muscat Municipality - Oman
    Project: Parking Violation System - 2005

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