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The General Secretariat for the cabinet has selected RealSoft to develop its decision support system

Within the framework of the exerted efforts to modernize and develop the performance of governmental actions, His Excellency Shaikh Al Fadal Bin Mohammad Bin Ahmad Al Harthi, the Secretary General of The Cabinet, signed the agreement for implementing an information system for process automation and decision support, in order to deploy modern information technologies to develop a state of the art process automation and decision support system of the GSC.

The importance of this project that’s developed by Realsoft Advanced Applications is that it targets the development of the current information technology infrastructure deployed in the GSC as well as achieving the automatic linkage between the GSC and the other governmental institutions, in order to organize the process of information and data exchange in terms of speed and accuracy.

The agreement involves many development fields in order to raise the efficiency of business performance, and it includes; providing a quicker and more accurate way to get and analyze the needed data and information according to the latest technologies as well as preparing the technical staff to be capable of managing and supporting the project throughout its different stages.

The agreement also involves the establishment of a data center based on the latest technical specifications in which it provides storage capacity to store the data and information, within a system that organizes the exchange of these data and information and provides an automatic analysis of them using the latest scientific methods.

Furthermore, the agreement includes an emergency and a communication network development center within the GSC to provide a connectivity with the Unified Government Network. This service facilitates the accuracy of data and documents searching process. The agreement also involves an automatic management system that provides the capability for electronic exchange of documents.

You are invited to explore the world of Realsoft, and see for yourself how we make business sense through every single partnership and achievement we add to our legacy.

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