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REALSOFT offers its expertise in providing technical solutions

After its successful experience in deploying modern technologies in the population and housing Census in 2015, REALSOFT Advanced Applications received an invitation from the Central Bureau of Statistics in the Republic of Sudan to participate in the activities of the workshop organized by the CBS in the Republic of Sudan in the light of the ongoing preparations and consultations to take advantage of deploying modern technologies in the sixth population and housing census that begins in 2018.

The workshop was held in the prime minster building under the presence of the General Director of the CBS and the Higher Technical Committee and a number of experts from ESCWA and delegation from the Department of Statistics of Jordan and a number of ministers and the union of banks and REALSOFT Advanced Applications. The workshop activities lasted for two days, in which the participants discussed the ways of deploying modern technologies in the sixth census of the Republic of Sudan.

The Republic of Sudan showed great interest in Jordan’s experience and some other experiments presented by the company for projects accomplished during the past period as well as the high level of modern technologies deployment, the company has achieved. Mr. Bakri Hassan Saleh, the First Vice President of Sudan, presided the first day of the conference and expressed the country’s interest and his admiration for the Jordanian experience and the other experiments, calling on the Sudanese Statistical Department to make use of these experiences in the upcoming census. Mr. Saleh expressed willing to carry out the census in 2018 stating that the Republic possess experiences and an infrastructure capable of deploying new technologies.

In this context, the delegation and their counterparts in the Republic of Sudan and a number of ESCWA experts discussed the possibility of transferring the Jordanian experience as a leader of deploying modern technologies to the Republic of Sudan.

Mr. Yasin, the head of the CBS stressed the importance of deploying modern technologies and how they contribute in providing accurate and meaningful data that help decision makers to achieve the desired results.

Mr. Abdeen, pointed completing the preparations of the basic document for the sixth census plan, which focused on two key points that are; deploying modern technologies in the statistical process and the speed of showing census final results within two months after census ends. Mr. Abdeen also indicated that deploying modern technologies helped in lowering the total cost of the census process.

In this regard, the company submitted a worksheet and presented a comprehensive overview of its experience and achievements in providing technical and technological solutions in many projects and censuses, where Mr. Mohammad Mansour, the Project Manager in REALSOFT presented the whole integrated system in which the company applies census electronically.

Mr. Mohammad also presented the historical achievements of the company in the field of statistics through reviewing many of the projects implemented by the company in many Arab countries. Throughout the presentation, Mr. Mohammad expressed the obstacles that accompany the use of traditional census methods and the advantages of automating the statistical work. He also showed the structure of the proposed solution and the technologies and systems developed by the company throughout the multiple census phases and the linkage mechanism between them.

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