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REALSOFT signed the Agreement To Proceed With Palestinian Census 2017

Under the efforts of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) to develop the means to carry censuses using modern technologies and keep abreast of technological developments in the world, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics signed with REALSOFT Advanced Applications  an agreement to purchase and be supplied with applications to be used in the implementation of the General Census of Population, Housing and Establishment of 2017; the third census conducted by the PCBS after it carried out two comprehensive censuses in 1997 and 2007, which were performed according to traditional means that relied on the use of paper work. While the upcoming census of 2017 is ought to be the first census to evolve modern techniques and technologies in Palestine.

 The General Census of Population, Housing and Establishment of 2017 aims to achieve a comprehensive listing of the population, houses and establishments within the State of Palestine, and to provide comprehensive and high quality statistical data about the geographical distribution of the population and know their demographical, social and economic  characteristics  that are relatively stable during a specific period of time, in order to supply the officials and decision makers with  statistical data necessary to form policies and develop plans.

The third census of population and housing in Palestine offers data about various topics and not a specific area in particular in a way it covers the whole Palestinian society not only a sample. The topics involve many different demographic, social and economic aspects that guarantees high accuracy and comprehensiveness and for the first time it relies on modern technologies to collect, evaluate, and disseminate the data.

To accomplish this goal, PCBS signed a contract with REALSOFT to develop an integrated and comprehensive solution to meet the requirements of the many census phases in terms of developing applications, holding training courses, and preparing documents and guides necessary for the implementation of the census within the specified project time to ensure fulfilling the vision and objectives of the project.

Census projects go through three basic stages; the preparations phase, where official decisions regarding the census are made, and organizational structures and committees are formed as well as, consultations with all stakeholders and data users are carried out to determine priorities and reach a state of semi-national consensus regarding the content of the census project,  also designing surveys and guides, preparing evaluation and data entry plans, preparing backup plans, and estimating the number of workers needed for the project, all are done during this phase.

While the second phase; the field phase, involves identifying and listing the areas covered during the census through stating specific markers to limit each region, as well as counting areas listing buildings, residential units and establishments, and the most important phase is the actual counting of the population.

The third phase is the data preparation and dissemination phase, at this stage records and surveys are evaluated, coded and entered, then data are categorized and disseminated.

Each stage includes a number of activities and tasks designated for that stage, in which each stage relies on the previous stages preceding it, and are integrated together within an integrated information system that ensures the accuracy, quality and confidentiality of the targeted data.

In this context, REALSOFT will automate the entire field and administrative systems related to the census project, where the company will provide the PCBS with eight (8) electronic systems include all different phases of the census, that together form an integrated solution that satisfies the work of (3) statistical surveys as follows:

An application to update digital maps, an application to control and follow-up with the field operations as well as managing and monitoring the field work (operating room system), a system to migrate, transmit and store data on tablets, an application to list buildings, residential units and establishments, an application for the family and the family living conditions survey, an application for the posteriori study, a system for geographical dissemination, and geographical Information system (GIS).

The agreement comes as a result of the company's success in completing several similar statistical projects in many different Arab countries, including the most recent Population, Housing and Establishment Census of 2015 in Jordan, where the PCBS studied and evaluated the Jordanian experience and similar experiences which in return resulted in signing the agreement in which REALSOFT will carry out the upcoming general census of population, housing and establishments for 2017 in the State of Palestine.

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