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The Preparations For Ajman Census Phase Has Started

Statistics and Research Department in Ajman has started the preparations for the actual census phase of Ajman census in 2016. The department has recently completed the listing phase; where the listing of buildings, houses and establishments in Ajman State was accomplished, which is an important stage in the preparations for the next phase, that aims to collect detailed data about families and individuals residing within Ajman.

It’s important to note that nearly a hundred field surveyor have participated in the data collection through field visits made for buildings, houses and facilities, using the latest technologies provided by REALSOFT Advanced Applications during the data collection process, where tablet devices were deployed to enter data and ensure its consistency, in addition to the geographical maps and digital photos, in which Ajman State was divided into several small areas in order to  give each surveyor one or more work area to cover, all to ensure covering the whole state and prevent interference between the surveyors work. The phase included a customized system to manage the project, that allows officials to follow up with the workflow and be up-to-date with work in field as well as instantly fixing any arising problem.

The preparation phase involves several tasks including; marking work areas for surveyors, designing and constructing different counting systems, and preparing the needed databases for the counting process, followed by testing the systems and running prior test cases on the systems and programs to ensure its validity, in addition to, training the surveyors who will be in charge of collecting data about families and individuals.

It is worth mentioning that the data collection process within the census phase will be proceeded through two options; counting through field visits by surveyors, or through the self-counting system, which is an online system that allows families to enter details about its individuals without the need for field visit.

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