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REALSOFT participates as a silver sponsor for ESRI’s GIS conference

In its permanent contribution to scientific conferences, REALSOFT Advanced Applications sponsors the conference organized by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) and hosted by Information & Graphics Systems Consultants (InfoGraph) at the Dead Sea - Jordan, under the title; "The Esri Middle East and North Africa User Conference (MENAUC) 2016".

The conference takes place on November 8th through 10th and will cover many of the issues related to the geographical information systems (GIS), and will showcase the latest developments in the field of spatial information, including modern products and the future vision of the development in spatial technologies. More than 700 GIS professionals and users from the ME and North Africa region, and from outside the region are expected to attend the conference to exchange experiences and learn about the latest technologies, products and applications offered by (Esri) users, in addition to many other recent researches and studies related to GIS.

REALSOFT Advanced Applications will showcase a scientific paper entitled "The Role of GIS Technologies in Jordan Census 2015". The paper will represent the role and impact of employing spatial technologies and applications in the planning, implementation, and deployment of Census 2015, and the features added from deploying the spatial technologies that lead to upgrading the quality of work in the various stages of the census project, and accelerated the project implementation and extraction of results.

REALSOFT will also participate in the accompanying technical exhibition, where representatives from the company will be present throughout the days of the exhibition in the exhibition hall to meet the guests and represent the company’s products and projects and the successes achieved by the company in the field of spatial technologies. The company will represent the latest systems and solutions implemented, such as: the different types of census and survey systems; whether demographical, agricultural, economic and other specialized statistical surveys, as well as business intelligence and the various warehouse data systems, and the other governmental systems and projects.

The importance of REALSOFT Advanced Applications’ participation comes from the fact that the company embraces a long and wide experience in the use of GIS and its databases and applications in statistical projects, field inspections systems, electronic tracking systems, and in other related application systems. REALSOFT and InfoGraph possess a strategic cooperation where the two companies together carried out the Jordanian census  in 2015, in addition to other spatial applications projects.

You are invited to explore the world of Realsoft, and see for yourself how we make business sense through every single partnership and achievement we add to our legacy.

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