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RealSoft successfully finishes the pilot process of Ajman census in 2017

RealSoft Advanced Applications successfully finishes the pilot process of Ajman census in 2017 count phase with cooperation from the Research and Statistics Department in Ajman, where the first step of pre-testing included a training workshop for the surveyors who will participate in the pretesting, and it lasted for a week.

The phase also included three main aspects, the first aspect included a training on the statistical form, while the second aspect covered the technical training on the survey which also included training the surveyors on how to use tablet devices to collect data as some trainers from the company explained the survey electronic system and trained the surveyors on data entry.

The third aspect represented the outgrowth of the two previous aspects by combining the technical and statistical trainings. This aspect included field visits and the undertaking of the pilot process by visiting a number of families, that have been selected in advance to cover the majority of cases that may face a surveyor during their field work, noting that the enumeration areas were selected to represent the population and geographical diversity of Ajman.

In this regard, RealSoft provided technical support to the surveyors in the field, to observe the notes and inquiries that may face the surveyors during their work as a proactive step to the actual count.

Therefore, and as a result of the cooperation and coordination between the company staff and the Statistics Department employees, the pilot process scored a remarkable success, represented in the fast performance, organized work and efficiency of the solution provided by the company. This stage is also considered a preparatory stage to the actual count, which will take place later in March of 2017.


Day one of Pilot process - Video

Workshop of Ajman iCensus - Video

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