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RealSoft The Regional Partner for The Launch of National Statistics Database

RealSoft Advanced Applications gained the General Authority for Statistics (GAS) trust by carrying out the implementation of the statistical aspect of “Creating The National Statistical Database” project that started its activities during the inauguration of the project held at the conference hall of GAS in Riyadh, on the ninth of February.

The company carries out the project in partnership with Oracle the specialist corporation in databases, and Saudi Business Machines Ltd. (SBM), in a successful and unique national and regional partnership. A global partnership represented by the regional partner RealSoft, the Saudi partner represented by Saudi Business Machines Ltd., and Oracle as the technical partner.

The ceremony was presided by Dr. "Fahad Altekhaifi, The President of the General Authority for Statistics, where the three allied companies presented the mechanism and methodology for the project implementation

The project aims to create a safe and comprehensive electronic system, designed to perform accurate statistical data collection from its various sources to put them in one unified structure that’s easily accessed by interested users, decision-makers and various government agencies. This unified structure will be their first supporter by allowing them to access the required data that gives a comprehensive and heterogeneous point of view in which they can support the forecasting and decision-making processes.

To achieve the objectives of the project to the fullest, the partnership employed the best statistical and computing practices in terms of standards, models, tools and methods; through the use of the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM), which is the most acceptable statistical framework regionally and internationally, where it’s considered the unifying model for those working in the development and facilitating of statistical data exchange field, both nationally and internationally.

Moreover, the allied companies offered a brief description about the statistical data and metadata exchange (SDMX) platform, which is the technical platform that will be used in the project, as it is the most comprehensive platform that meets the statistical requirements of the technical framework.

The SDMX platform is now considered the global statistical language that effectively contributes to unify the shape and form of statistical data and metadata, that it become one of the international certified standards by the international Organization for Standardization (ISO) by obtaining the ISO 8601 certificate.

The project will continue for 4 years and is expected to serve many different sectors and groups such as; elites, intellectuals, the public sector, the private sector, experts, working groups, the media, government agencies, universities, research centers, and statistics and data sources. The project also produces a variety of outputs such as; general indicators, and detailed statistical indicators, in addition to an instant presentation of these indicators using a variety of tools, such as smart phones through an application that will be designed to display these statistical indictors. 

You are invited to explore the world of Realsoft, and see for yourself how we make business sense through every single partnership and achievement we add to our legacy.

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