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Ajman Census 2017 Count has started

The count phase for Ajman census 2017 stared today, where surveyors will visit the families in their residence places within the emirate to collect their data and data about the family members through the electronic system designed by the company for this purpose.

The field count system runs on tablet devices that contain digital maps for the work areas assigned to surveyors in addition to an electronic questionnaire designed specifically to suit the work nature.

The field count system integrates with other systems developed by RealSoft to serve the count phase, where surveyors send the collected date using a sync functionality that allows surveyors to transfer the date daily to the central database, which in turn is connected to a desktop system allowing the field team to follow up with workflow and ensure the quality of the data collected and identifying the areas where work was completed and the ones where work is not completed yet.

In addition to these systems, the call center system is also integrated to the solution, through which communication with families and reviewing of incoming data to the database is done. The system is also capable of recording and following up with the observations received from callers.

Moreover, the operations room system will be activated to provide the higher management of the project with several statistical reports and graphs that summarize the overall achievement of field work.

The aim of the count phase is to collect accurate statistical data electronically to work as the first and main supporter for decision-makers, planners, analysts, researchers, and anyone interested in statistical information and asses the decision-making process to be based on scientific statistic basis.

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