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The first phase of Ajman Census of 2016

Under the title "Today's Census is Tomorrow's Development", the field work of Ajman Census 2016 started. The first phase of Ajman Census the "Listing Phase" where the basic information about buildings, houses, facilities, public residence and families are collected to build and prepare the base for the next phase which is "The Population Census". 

In this phase, the work will focus on submitting basic information about districts and demarking buildings and specifying the main characteristics of the buildings within the work area, such as: the building type, status of the building, and some other general characteristics.  After obtaining data about buildings, the work on obtaining data about houses starts, where information such as: the house type, the use, location and status of the house are obtained as well as other general data.

Through the use of evaluation rules, the data submitted are processed to determine the data to be collected next, regarding families such as: the number of families living in houses, and the method each family prefers to do the survey, either through the self-assessment website or upon the surveyor visit. Therefore, a filtered list is extracted upon the surveyor first visit to families, in order to accelerate the “Actual Census”, besides giving families the chance to decide the best time to do the survey and to save both time and effort for surveyors as well as accelerating the overall census process.

Good to note, the number of participants in this stage reached (125) surveyor that have been trained and prepared to complete and meet the requirements of the first phase.

Work Accuracy and Acceleration

One of the important aspects of this census, is the use of automated systems developed by REALSOFT Advanced Applications, as a modern solution to be deployed and implemented throughout the whole process. REALSOFT submitted the surveys into the new developed tablet survey system.

Moreover, the company applied the data validation rules in the new developed system which resulted in enhancing the accuracy of the data collected and submitted online to a very high degree.

One other aspect to be highlighted, is the speed by which data is transferred from and to the central database through the data transfer feature. This feature helps gathering the data collected by surveyors in all work areas into one central database, which in return helps in assigning work areas to surveyors through the operation room, whilst the system is integrated with the tablet survey system and it aims to manage and track all activities related to the tablet survey system through the required tools to guarantee tracking all changes during the listing phase and the work field.

The system also contains indicators and dashboards for tracking reports regarding the listing phase to track the work flow in the field, where the operation room system provides a tool to connect and integrate the system with the other systems deployed in census.

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